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Our thinking on the big issues.


Confirming behaviour

CEOs of firms facing poor financial performance consult internal advisers who are less likely to offer fresh insight, says comprehensive study co-authored …

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How to head in the right direction.


A shared direction

As Michael Kitson succeeds Dr Jane Davies as Director of the Cambridge MBA programme this autumn, they discuss teamwork, the Cambridge ecosystem, …

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Our thinking on the big issues.


Platforms for the people

Civic crowdfunding now finances civic infrastructure, but these platforms must navigate tension between growth and their social mission, says a study co-authored …

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Find out what CJBS alumni are doing right now.


160cc wanderlust

Cambridge MBA alumnus Kirk Wilson (MBA 2007) was riding high in his career, but shifted gears with a 20,000-mile motorcycle…

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The latest news from CJBS.


Rugby Varsity Match

Five Cambridge Judge students are on this year's men's team for the battle of blues at Twickenham Stadium. Cambridge University…

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Entrepreneurial myths

An astrophysicist by training, Dr Ghina Halabi often shoots down tall tales about outer space. Now Programme Director of EnterpriseWOMEN at Cambridge …

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Get the lowdown on what our faculty are working on right now.


The ‘P’ word

Plastic has become a malevolent symbol of our wasteful society. It's also fundamental to almost every aspect of our lives.…

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