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The Future of Work & Organisations in the Age of Technological Disruption (Malaysia alumni event)

18:00 - 20:00

Dr Kishore Sengupta, Director of Executive Education and Reader in Operations Management, Cambridge Judge Business School

In this International Business Briefing hosted by the CJBS Alumni Relations team, Dr Kishore Sengupta combines insights from his research with examples on how leading organisations are addressing these challenges.

We live in an age of technological disruption. This is signified by rapid changes in the rate of technological evolution, as well as the speed with which technologies are adopted by individuals and organisations. The most recent wave of such changes is constituted by data analytics and artificial intelligence. Taken in aggregate, these changes in technologies promise to redefine the nature of work and professions. There is considerable uncertainty regarding how these changes will occur, and what they mean for managers and organisations. Kishore’s presentation will focus on his research, a collaboration with Dr Philip Stiles of CJBS, that examines this question in the context of two very different sectors: telecommunications and professional service firms. He finds evidence on how technological discontinuity is affecting a shift away from organisational structures and roles that are well defined – toward structures that are fluid and roles that encompass multiple skills.

The research, has significant practical implications on how we design systems and processes, define roles in organisations, develop talent, and shape professional identities.