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Cambridge Social Ventures

Business Weekly: BeeBee creates a buzz with reusable beeswax food wrap

BeeBee Wraps, a venture that produces eco-friendly reusable food wraps as an alternative to plastic packaging, has teamed up with Cambridge Consultants aiming to scale up production. The startup is supported by the Cambridge Social Ventures programme, run by the…

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The Guardian: Prison Voicemail: ‘Prisoners’ families are victims of crime as well’

A feature about Prison Voicemail, a venture helping prisoners communicate with friends and families, that’s been included in Nesta and Observer’s 2018 New Radicals list. Co-founders Alex Redston and Kieran Ball looked at prisoners and the difficulties they face staying…

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The Guardian: New Radicals 2018: More of Britain’s best social enterprises

From helping refugees to integrate into community to campaigning for social housing and raising awareness of autism in the schools – these are just a few projects on Nesta and the Observer list of startups making a real difference in…

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Cambridge Independent: Finalists in the Cambridge Independent annual awards revealed

Finalists for this year’s Cambridge Independent Science and Technology Award are revealed in 12 different categories, and include startups associated with Cambridge Judge Business School. Fluidic Analytics, Elpis BioMed, Kalium Diagnostics, Speechmatics and Simprints - are supported by the Accelerate…

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Venturing forth: Bricks for Autism

A social venture, currently on the Cambridge Social Ventures programme, aims to help children with communications and learning disabilities. Dr Gina Gomez de la Cuesta is passionate about LEGO-based therapy and how this can help autistic children to improve social…

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3d rendering of a toy building blocks lying in a colorful pile over a wooden desk on a blue background. Play time. Construction blocks. Toys and games.

Business Weekly: Cambridge Social Ventures ‘stable’ racks up more than £20m

Healthera and Hyperion Dev have recently raised significant amounts that will help with product development and scaling up. The two startups were on the Cambridge Social Ventures programme run by the Cambridge Centre for Social Innovation at Cambridge Judge. The…

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Gates Cambridge: Coding start-up aims to boost quality of computer education

A feature about Riaz Moola, an alumnus of MPhil in Technology Policy (2014) student at Cambridge Judge Business School. Riaz founded HyperionDev, an education technology venture delivering online coding teaching in South Africa, and now has reached 40 countries. The…

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Forbes: Nvidia team up with Cambridge spin-out to create ‘broadband’ for the body

Cambridge Bio-Augmentation Systems (CBAS), a startup that was previously on the Cambridge Social Ventures programme run by the Cambridge Centre for Social Innovation, has partnered with Nvidia to “bring AI-powered edge-computing to the most powerful communication network - the nervous…

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Cambridge Independent: Helping entrepreneurs with social ventures

Reporter Mike Scialom joins a panel to discuss how social enterprises can portray their business in the media. The event aims to help startups currently on the Cambridge Social Ventures programme, run by the Cambridge Centre for Social Innovation, to…

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Channel 4: Dispatches: Breastfeeding uncovered

Britain has some of the worst rates of breastfeeding in the world, and a study shows that 67 per cent of people in the UK believe there is no real difference between breastmilk and infant formula. Hearts Milk Bank cofounder…

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