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Centre for Risk Studies (CRS)

Smart Energy International: The true cost of cyber attacks

Cyberattacks on electricity networks in the UK could cost £111 million daily, according to new research at the Centre for Risk Studies. Report author Dr Edward Oughton said that national infrastructure such as smart electricity networks “are susceptible to malicious…

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BBC Radio 4: World at One

Daniel Ralph, Professor of Operations Research at Cambridge Judge Business School, discussed global risks on the World at One programme. With a new virus spreading from China to other countries, what are the most likely and impactful risks we face…

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Insurance Journal: $584 billion at risk from catastrophic events in 2020 according to Cambridge study

A report by the Centre for Risk Studies is quoted in the article. The report looked at the impact of catastrophic events on global GDP and found that “roughly $584 billion could be wiped from the global economy from such…

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Only Strategic: Global Risk Index suggests around $584bn could be lost in 2020

Around $584 billion could be wiped off the global economy by catastrophic events in 2020, according to an annual Global Risk Index by the Centre for Risk Studies at Cambridge Judge. The index measures the potential impact on 279 major…

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Vice: Four ways the climate crisis could trigger a 2008-style economic crash

A report on the impact of natural catastrophes on financial markets co-authored at the Centre for Risk Studies, Cambridge Judge Business School, is featured in the article. According to the report, “a Category 4 hurricane that made landfall south of…

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Enterprise value at risk

New report on risk management in consumer sectors is launched by the Centre for Risk Studies at Cambridge Judge Business School in collaboration with the Institute for Risk Management. A new model to assess six types of risk in the…

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Figures trying to find a path through the traps.

Cambridge-McKinsey Risk Prize launch event

Current postgraduates at the University of Cambridge

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Risk Prize 2018

Energy Live News: Cyberattacks on London’s power grid ‘could cost £111m a day’

A study on ‘cyber-physical’ attacks on London’s electricity network examines the relationship between economic damage and the number of substations, calculating that the potential impact could cost up to £111 million a day. Lead author Dr Edward Oughton, Research Associate…

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The New York Times: What should your city do if it’s hit by ransomware

Dr Jennifer Daffron, Research Associate at the Centre for Risk Studies at Cambridge Judge Business School, comments about ransomware attacks in the New York Times. She explains that cities are now seen as low-hanging fruit by hackers because of “legacy…

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The Risk Prize

Research paper on how Ethiopian Airlines managed expansion risks wins the Cambridge-McKinsey Risk Prize at the annual summit of the Centre for Risk Studies at Cambridge Judge Business School. Left to right: Mark Porter, Aly Verjee, Eugenie Regan, Professor Daniel…

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