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Cambridge Network: Innovative engineers focus on healthcare

A feature about the Cambridge Bio-Augmentation Systems (CBAS) startup, which aims to “redefine the limits of the human body” by standardising the interface between an amputated stump and any prosthetic. The startup is supported by the Cambridge Social Ventures programme…

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Forget the TV drama, it’s routine care that leaves our NHS hospitals with constipation

For many lucky people who have never been hospitalised, the popular image of hospitals is a glamorous one, as portrayed on hit television shows like Casualty, Grey’s Anatomy and House. by Stefan Scholtes, Dennis Gillings Professor of Health Management In…

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Team of surgeons performing surgery in operation theater. Group of doctors in hospital operating theatre.

Cambridge Independent: NHS system in need of vital surgery

Hospitals are not as glamorous as portrayed in popular shows like “Grey’s Anatomy” or “House”, writes Stefan Scholtes, Dennis Gillings Professor of Health Management at Cambridge Judge Business School. In reality, hospitals have many routine procedures that don’t need much…

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Business Weekly: Cambridge dominates women’s healthcare leadership rankings

BioBeat has released a “50 Movers and Shakers in BioBusiness 2017” report that celebrates women leaders driving innovation in the UK healthcare industry. Almost a third of listed women leaders come from Cambridge-based healthcare businesses. The Entrepreneurship Centre at Cambridge…

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Digital technology and health governance

Digital technology has the power to transform healthcare in developing countries, but only if it's used properly. Digital technology has the power to revolutionise health care in developing countries. Its mercurial ability to gather data, monitor patients, get the right…

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Arabic woman using tablet

BBC: Inside Out East

Journalist Tom Barton investigates why the contract for older people’s healthcare - Uniting Care - in Cambridgeshire collapsed, and what damage that has done to health service. Dr Feryal Erhun, Reader in Operations Management at Cambridge Judge, said the project…

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Concentrating on health

Healthcare is under scrutiny - and strain - across the globe as rarely before. Obamacare is facing radical review by the Trump administration and the UK NHS, one of the largest in the world, is creaking under the pressure of…

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Staff In Busy Lobby Area Of Modern Hospital

Separating routine and complex healthcare

Simplifying general hospital services to make them more manageable is a route to solving the current healthcare crisis, say two healthcare experts at Cambridge Judge Business School. Every day seems to bring fresh misery for the NHS - from the…

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complex healcare - surgeons performing operation

World Economic Forum: Unity is more important than ever, but the world is fragmenting

Michael Kitson, University Senior Lecturer in International Macroeconomics at Cambridge Judge Business School, writes about global challenges such as climate change control, ageing populations and health care, work automation, and the rise of global capitalism. “Global challenges need global responses,…

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Distressed assets?

Financial distress of NHS hospitals has parallel in much-criticised banking practices, says Professor Geoff Meeks of Cambridge Judge Business School. Financial woes in National Health Service hospitals have disturbing parallels in a widely criticised model once deployed by the banking…

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Stresses on the NHS