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Frugal innovation

Professor Jaideep Prabhu says that doing more with less makes sense – whatever your location. On 26 January 2001, an earthquake of magnitude 7.9 hit Gujarat, India, killing over 25,000 people. Mansukhbhai Prajapati, a rural potter, escaped with his life…

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Professor Jaideep Prabhu, Cambridge Judge Business School, Photographed by Anna Huix

Inhibiting innovation

Dr Nektarios Oraiopoulos, University Lecturer in Operations Management at Cambridge Judge Business School, on how the organisational structures of large companies inhibit innovation, and what you can do to buck the trend. Innovation in practice requires experimentation. With experimentation comes the…

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Light bulbs

Building your innovative ecosystem

By Professor Stelios Kavadias, Margaret Thatcher Professor of Enterprise Studies in Innovation & Growth, and Director of the Entrepreneurship Centre We know that innovation is at the core of growth and economic prosperity. Yet, the rapid pace of innovation that…

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Individuals Coming Together to Unite in Harmony. This image is a visual metaphor for many people joining together as a family, team, network, company, religious group or political party.

The complexities of innovation

Innovation isn't as simple as choosing from a menu – it depends on a company's organisational structure, says new paper co-authored by Professor Stylianos (Stelios) Kavadias of Cambridge Judge Business School. Every company wants to be innovative, and this often…

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image of a complex structure (dots and lines) on a black background

Business model innovation goes online

Traditional business models are under increasing pressure, from changes in the market place, rapidly developing innovation and divergent buying patterns. The most successful businesses are those that are willing to embrace change and adapt to the world around them. But…

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Running Man,Network connection turned into, vector illustration.

Tearing up the innovation rulebook

Why a new approach to innovation could give Chinese companies the edge over their western rivals, says Cambridge Judge professor Peter Williamson. Think the challenge from China is all about low-cost manufacturing? Think again. A new approach to innovation, which…

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Aerial view of Shanghai

Entrepreneurial training for chemistry

Entrepreneurship Centre at Cambridge Judge partners with Royal Society of Chemistry's Emerging Technologies Competition 2017. The Entrepreneurship Centre at Cambridge Judge is partnering with the Emerging Technologies Competition 2017 of the Royal Society of Chemistry, which was established to identify…

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Eight ways to turn your team into intrapreneurs

What defines an entrepreneur? The typical picture is of a go-it-alone leader, using inspiration, creativity and innovation to forge new paths. But what if we're missing a trick? What if some of the best ideas could be found within a…

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How to turn your organisation into an ideas factory

Innovation: are you picking up the signals?

Take a moment and think about what the word innovation means to you. Does it conjure up thoughts of ground-breaking new ideas, disruptive technologies and examples of the latest, ground-breaking tech-entrepreneur? Often, innovation is viewed through the narrow context of…

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Best practices in innovation

HRH The Duke of York, KG, hosts a Reception at Buckingham Palace for a United Arab Emirates innovation team that is working with Cambridge Judge Business School. The Duke of York held a reception in Buckingham Palace for a government…

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