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The latest news from CJBS.


Brexit and Europe

Sharing the social costs of immigration between home and host country would offer the UK a face-saving way to reverse…

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Find out what CJBS alumni are doing right now.


Sustainable fashion

Cambridge Judge alumni talk about challenges and opportunities in creating fashion that is sustainable and environmentally friendly. With Fashion Week…

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Cambridge entrepreneurs pitch their genius business ideas.


Venturing forth: Nofel Izz

Nofel Izz, an Executive MBA graduate from Cambridge Judge, has started 19 businesses ranging from batteries to fintech, but is…

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Get the lowdown on what our faculty are working on right now.


Unsettling research

No ivory tower here: how academics are affected by research in unsettling contexts like refugee camps, prisons and rape-crisis centres.…

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Our thinking on the big issues.


The IMF and ‘conditionality’

Structural conditions imposed on developing countries by the International Monetary Fund undermine their ‘state capacity’ for economic development, finds study led at …

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Opinion from some of the academic world’s leading experts.


Mergers in ‘hot’ markets

Earnings management ahead of merger bids is more pronounced in ‘hot’ markets and can lead to significant changes in share prices that …

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