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Measuring national ‘well-being’ (The Well-Being Institute Debate)

Themes: Health management

Well-beingAll over the world today ‘well-being’ is a hot topic for policy makers whether you are in the UK, Europe or South America. But just exactly how do you go about measuring it? What questions do you ask, and how reliable are people’s answers? Costa Rica appears to be one of the ‘happiest’ countries in the world today, but why is that? Cambridge Judge Business School and The Well-Being Institute at Cambridge University recently hosted a debate where the UK’s leading experts on well-being give their verdict on how far the UK has come in measuring national well-being, how we compare to other countries and what politicians can do to help improve our lifestyles.

Speakers at the Debate included: Professor Felicia Huppert, Jen Beaumont, Dr Simon Learmount, Claudia Hammond, Nic Marks, David Halpern and Professor Andrew Gamble.