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Scholarships and bursaries for the Cambridge MBA – am I too late?

When people think about bursaries and scholarships they tend to think the earlier the better – however there is plenty of funding available right up until the final MBA application date of 6 May.

Scholarships and bursaries
Around this time of year, we get questions from candidates who, because they are applying in later rounds, are concerned that their chances of not only getting onto the MBA, but securing funding, will be more difficult. However, they are surprised when we tell them that most of our scholarships and bursaries have a closing date of 6 May – which coincides with the final deadline for applications.

We view all applications throughout the year with equal weighting, which means you don’t lose out if you are applying in the later rounds-and the same applies for many scholarships and bursaries. And while there are a few scholarships where you must apply early, such as the Gates Scholarship, most are available throughout the application cycle.

Do you stand out in your chosen field?

There are a number of sector-based scholarships available, for example: if you are a woman working in investment or banking you might be eligible for the Ruth Whaley Bursary for Women in Finance; if you have a background in engineering, you might consider the LyondellBasell Cambridge MBA Scholarship; if you excel within the media or arts, we have a Culture, Arts and Media Bursary; and for those in the beyond profit sector, there is the Sainsbury Bursary Scheme.

A bonus to receiving a bursary or scholarship is the additional mentoring which accompanies it. Current student Fatoumata Diané, who received the Ruth Whaley Bursary for Women in Finance says “the mentoring that comes along with the bursary is a true valuable gift that will help increase my strengths and abilities throughout this MBA and this will likely reflect on my career for the rest of my life.”

A motivational tool

Receiving a bursary can also be a great motivator when studying, as Michael G Wang, awarded the Culture Arts and Media Scholarship, says “Not many MBA programmes out there have a concentration dedicated to this field and I was really excited to find Cambridge Judge offering such an option. Some of the hottest and most valuable businesses today are media companies and non-traditional players in the field will have to become media leaders as well to compete. Receiving the award is a great motivator to challenge myself to have a bigger impact in the media world.”

In addition to the above, there are awards of £10,000 available for MBA candidates with backgrounds in energy, healthcare, entrepreneurship, and not-for-profit or the public sector.

Regional scholarships and scholarships for women

We celebrate the diversity of our cohort and award number of scholarships to encourage those who are typically under-represented in an MBA class. Women can apply for the Lucy Cavendish College Enterprise Studentship, or if they are from the USA, they can apply for the Sidney Sussex College Joyce Coutu Scholarship. They can also apply for the Girton College Ruth Whaley Scholarship, which rolls over until it is awarded-so it’s possible to apply at any point during the application cycle.

There are also scholarships and bursaries available for students from particular regions, such as the Africa Regional Bursary, and the Professor Jochen Runde Scholarship for those applying from South Africa.

In addition to this, up to five bursaries are available each year with values of up to £15,000 for candidates from all regions. Your Admissions Coordinator will be aware of any that you are eligible for and will be able to recommend which one to apply for.

In summary: it’s never too late to invest in your career – and we might be able to help you along the way!