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Arctic action

Chris Hope of Cambridge Judge, speaking to Arctic marine conference, calls for climate impact research to be translated into policies.

Research findings on climate impacts should be translated into global climate policies that put a price on emissions of carbon dioxide, Dr Chris Hope, Reader in Policy Modelling at Cambridge Judge Business School, told the ICE-ARC (Ice, Climate, Economics – Arctic Research on Change) General Assembly in Barcelona today, Wednesday 29 November.

Dr Chris Hope

Dr Chris Hope

ICE-ARC is a four-year project involving physicists, chemists, biologists, economists and sociologists from 11 European countries to study stresses in the change of the Arctic marine environment – particularly the rapid retreat of Arctic sea-ice cover and emissions from thawing permafrost.

Delivering the keynote address in the conference, Chris said the PAGE-ICE model – which was developed as part of the ICE-ARC programme – would call for a climate change tax of $200 per tonne of carbon dioxide. This implies a tax of $0.45 per litre of petrol, $150 per Mwh on electricity from coal, or $150 on the price of a return air ticket from London to Barcelona.

Assuming that such a tax was applied to all the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions, it would generate tax revenues of about $130 billion each year, which should be used to reduce income, sales and payroll taxes, Chris said.

He said that there had been some progress in the UK, British Columbia and Scandinavia in the pricing of carbon dioxide emissions, but that much more needed to be done worldwide.