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Research Award for paper on information management in crisis

Cambridge Judge PhD candidate Corinna Frey, with Professor Michael Barrett, wins Best Student Paper Award at the annual meeting of the Academy of Management.

(Photo taken by Corinna Frey on her field trip to Rwanda)

A research paper on information management in complex emergencies, by Cambridge Judge PhD candidate Corinna Frey with Professor Michael Barrett, won the Best Student Paper Award from the Organizational Communications and Information Systems (OCIS) Division of the Academy of Management.

Profile photograph of Corinna Frey (grey background - landscape)

Corinna Frey, PhD candidate

The award recognises the best paper submitted to the OCIS Division at the Academy of Management with a PhD student as first author.

The paper, which focuses on the refugee crisis in Rwanda, also received a nomination for the Dexter Award for helping to internationalise the Academy of Management, which held its 2017 annual meeting this month in Atlanta.

The winning paper is called “A pragmatic view on multi-sectoral knowledge. Enacting standardised information systems in emergency response”.

The paper outlines the multi-sectoral nature of an emergency response, consisting of knowledge domains as diverse as health, water, shelter and education services.

It examines the challenges of using standardised information systems in such complex multi-sectoral emergencies as they ultimately fail to provide much-needed information and thereby hinder a more effective crisis response.