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Scholarships and bursaries for the Cambridge MBA – the class of 2017/18

Each year we award a number scholarships and bursaries to students who have demonstrated progression within their industry, achieved outstanding academic results, or would benefit from the extra mentorship that a scholarship offers.

Group of Cambridge MBAs talking at an eventThis year scholarships and bursaries have been awarded to students from Jamaica, from backgrounds in oil and gas, and finance. Here is an introduction to a few of them.

Oladele Olafuyi, originally from Nigeria, has a background in marketing, and has been awarded the Africa Regional Bursary. He hopes to use his MBA experience to contribute to changes on the African continent.

Monique Andrew, from Australia, has a background in law and investment. Having been awarded the Ruth Whaley Bursary for Women in Finance, she will receive mentorship from Dr Whaley, Director of Corporate Development for the Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies.

Katherine Rock, also from Australia, has been awarded the 30 per cent Club Scholarship. Katherine will benefit from 30 per cent Club mentorship as she progresses through her MBA, and hopes to develop her published research on gender balance in senior leadership.

Stephanie DeBolle, from the USA, has received a St Catherine’s College Benavich Scholarship. She has a medical background, and has taken time from her studies to learn more about the contrast between healthcare administration system and in the UK and US.

Chris Kneale-Jones, is from the UK, and has been awarded the St Catharine’s Benavitch Scholarship. He is an entrepreneur who has founded two education-related businesses.

Jovan Alston, from Jamaica, is a finance professional and is interested in improving his skills in innovation and corporate finance. He has been awarded the Maissa Karim Scholarship and hopes one day to fund a scholarship himself.

Amit Peri, from Israel, has been awarded the Military Personnel Scholarship. Having previously been an executive officer of a missile ship in the Israeli army, he looks forward to developing his business skills and taking his career in a new direction.

Yerkmek Suleimenov, from Kazakhstan, has been awarded the LyondellBasell Scholarship. He has previously worked on a number of high-value drilling operations and hopes to improve his leadership skills.

I hope the Cambridge MBA will help me develop my skills further to enable me contribute to the much-needed change on the African continent.

– Oladele Olafuyi

This year we’ve launched a range of new scholarships, including the Monish Suri Private Equity Bursary, for those with a background in private equity; the Technology and Innovation Scholarship for those with a background in technology, arts or culture; and the Family Business Management Scholarship available for those who are coming from a senior role within their family business.

We are also partnering with the Forté Foundation, a non-profit organisation which champions women’s progression within business through access to education. There are two Forté Fellowships available to women candidates and those that are successful benefit from access to a range of additional resources.

The recognition and mentorship opportunities that come with the 30 per cent Club Scholarship will be invaluable in terms of developing my gender balance advocacy skills and networks.

– Katherine Rock

We wish all our scholars well on their journey through their MBA and beyond.