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Three under 30

The Forbes ’30 Under 30’ list for science and healthcare in Europe honours three people with connections to Cambridge Judge Business School.

Three under 30 young professionals

Three people associated with Cambridge Judge Business School were named in the 30 Under 30 for Science and Healthcare in Europe list by Forbes magazine.

Oliver Armitage and Emil Hewage, co-founders of Cambridge Bio-Augmentation Systems, were honoured for seeking to “bridge the tricky gap between bionic devices – both limbs and organs – and the body’s nervous system.” Cambridge Bio-Augmentation Systems was mentored by Cambridge Social Ventures, part of the Cambridge Centre for Social Innovation at Cambridge Judge.

Michael Gibbs, who was part of the Management Studies Tripos (MST 2011) at Cambridge Judge, was cited for his role as co-founder of Our Path, a digital programme that helps people living with type 2 diabetes to change their lifestyles.

The honorees age 30 or under were selected by Forbes editors following consultation with an expert panel, with the magazine noting that the people cited were “just getting started”.