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Six questions about the Cambridge Executive MBA

Our Admissions Team answers your questions about the Cambridge Executive MBA programme.

EMBA participants at a College dinner.
  1. Do I need management experience to qualify for the programme?
    Management experience is important for candidates applying to join the Executive MBA (EMBA) programme. Candidates need to demonstrate a minimum of seven years’ full-time work experience, including strong management experience.
  2. Who would I be studying with?
    A valuable part of the Executive MBA experience is the opportunities to collaborate with individuals from sectors, geographies and backgrounds you may not otherwise be exposed to.

    With participants from different cultural and industry backgrounds, we are proud of our dynamic and diverse cohorts. We try to ensure no sector or profession is overrepresented. Many of our participants consider this an important differentiator of the Cambridge programme.

    You will also have access to the huge networking potential of the wider University: its students, academics and alumni. EMBA participants enjoy unparalleled opportunities to engage with and learn from innovators, entrepreneurs and business leaders who contribute to the programme as guest speakers, mentors and coaches.
  3. What specialisations do you offer?
    While the Executive MBA is a general management programme, there are opportunities to tailor your experience to suit your professional ambitions.

    Two electives and two major projects form a central part of the programme. This means you gain core business management skills before specialising in areas that are important for your current position and longer-term goals.
  4. How many hours a week of study is required?
    We recommend a minimum of 15 hours’ study per week. You will be complete this independently and, when applicable, with your assigned study group.

    Between your study periods in Cambridge you will be supported through the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).
  5. How are EMBA participants assessed?
    Most of the programme modules are assessed through written assignments. Many of the assignments allow you to reflect on your learnings, investigate further and write about your own organisation, enabling you to apply the theory to existing business challenges.

    A few modules may require examinations or in-class tests.
  6. Can I speak to a member of staff to find out more?
    You can meet the Admissions Team at one of our UK and overseas information sessions. We also run a programme of webinars. These events are free to attend and are a great way to find if our programme is right for you. Alternatively, our Admissions Team would be delighted to arrange a meeting or telephone call with you to discuss specific questions you may have about the programme.