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Media coverage

The Spectator: Is nuclear power the answer to climate change?

Dr Simon Taylor Faculty (Professor level) in Management Practice (Finance) at Cambridge Judge Business School, was one of the panellists on a podcast discussing about nuclear power in the UK, the Hinkley Point power plant, energy policy and more. Listen…

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Financial Times: Pakistan seeks relief from China over Belt and Road

Dr Kamal Munir comments on Pakistan’s energy policy as the country is trying to trying to renegotiate Belt and Road repayments with China. “We’ve established a rent seeking racket, there is no competition in the sector, the returns are guaranteed…

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UK Fundraising: Centre for Strategic Philanthropy opens at University of Cambridge

A new Centre for Strategic Philanthropy has been established at the University of Cambridge Judge Business School. The Centre is dedicated to examining strategic philanthropy within and from the world’s highest-growth markets, including Africa, Developing Asia and the Middle East.…

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University of Cambridge: New report confirms Babraham Research Campus at forefront in supporting UK’s early-stage bioscience enterprises

Research led by the University of Cambridge has demonstrated the benefits and outputs from the significant taxpayer investment into the Babraham Research Campus; evidencing the overall economic, social and scientific contribution the Campus makes to the UK economy. Read the…

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Business Weekly: Babraham confirmed as global life science power player

A newly commissioned report led by Cambridge University underlines the credentials of Babraham Research Campus (BRC) as a UK and world-class power base for life science business. Read the press release []…

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