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Media coverage

Business Because: MBA startups to look out for in 2020

Business Because talks to entrepreneurs to find out how business education helped them develop their ventures. Cambridge Judge alumnus Tadashi Kubo (MBA 2018) co-founded the AC Biode startup that is developing the world’s first standalone AC (alternating current) battery, eliminating…

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Financial Times: Our Executive MBA takeaways

Cambridge Judge alumna Cristina Savian (EMBA 2016) talks to the FT on how her Executive MBA studies helped her with her career. “If someone had told me when I started the course that I would set up my own business…

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The Guardian: Can the planet afford the exorbitant power demands of machine learning?

The article investigates what technologies like machine learning or bitcoin have done to our planet. According to a report by the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance, the global bitcoin network uses more than seven gigawatts of electricity – which over…

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Financial Times: Filthy colleagues are here to stay, in even the best offices

Dr Thomas Roulet, University Senior Lecturer in Organisation Theory, comments on the topic of filthy colleagues in the office: “People can be incredibly confused by the boundary between work and personal life, and this boundary is made more porous by…

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Financial Times: ‘Their house is on fire’: The pension crisis sweeping the world

Pension funds around the world are experiencing some difficulties lately with pensions cuts in countries like the Netherlands. Anna Grebenchtchikova, a Dutch pensions expert and Cambridge Judge alumna (MBA 2016), commented: “The 90 per cent funding ratio means that benefit…

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