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Media coverage

BBC One: 10 O’Clock News

BBC Economics Correspondent Evan Davies, covering the unprecedented 11th successive day of stock-market falls, interviews CBR Research Fellow Jonathan Ward about the implications for financial institutions.…

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The Mail on Sunday: High price to pay for store wars winner

Safeway may have sparked a bidding frenzy, but history suggests that it could be a poisoned chalice for the winner ... Professor Paul Guest of the Centre for Business Research at Cambridge University said: 'Research shows that bids destroy value…

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Cambridge News: Technology clusters ‘can cause problems’

A shadow is being cast over the valleys and the fens, with valleys and the fens, with "clusters" taking a bashing in the latest issue of Top Floor, the journal of Cambridge University's Centre for Business Research. "Chaotic concept or…

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The Observer: One of our governors is missing

In the hallowed cloisters of Christ's College, Cambridge, officials from the world's leading central banks will gather behind closed doors from today to swap ideas and best practice ... 'The memorandum created the impression they were working together fine, but…

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The Guardian: Synergies, strategies and all that jazz

Hostile takeovers can bring out the best and worst of boardroom politics. But they often fail to create value for the shareholder ... A recent paper by two Cambridge academics, Andy Cosh and Paul Guest, concludes rather bleakly both that…

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