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Food fight

Shopping trends mean blocking the big Sainsbury’s-Asda merger may not protect customers, says Professor Yasemin Kor of Cambridge Judge Business School. The …

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Feeling the heat

Dr Chris Hope on the 2018 heatwave and how a climate change tax could significantly reduce global warming. Scientists say that the …

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The ‘choke factor’

Weightlifters and divers offer a lesson for business in risk and reward, finds research by Dr Christos Genakos of Cambridge Judge Business …

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The competition contagion

Does the mere presence of a competition change the behaviour of individuals, even when not officially competing? New research suggests the ‘competition …

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China in their hands

The annual Sanya Forum starts this week, and a Cambridge Judge Business School delegation will lead discussions aimed at informing the future …

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The world economy in 2050

What will the world’s economy look like in 2050? Michael Kitson, Senior Lecturer in International Macroeconomics at Cambridge Judge Business School, says …

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