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Cambridge Venture Project (CVP)

How I used the Cambridge MBA to launch a blockchain startup

Blockchain startup, Bond180, was founded by a team of three entrepreneurs who met while on their Cambridge MBA year. Life often throws up serendipitous friendships. For Parth Shukla, that meant meeting his cofounders Phil Holbrook and Conor Diviney during his…

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Former MBA students networking at an event.

“Doing” management the Cambridge way

The Cambridge MBA can claim a unique approach to teaching the "doing" of management with its Management Praxis course. Faculty and candidates explain why. Dr Matthew Jones Cambridge places a unique value on Management Praxis (MP) on the MBA programme.…

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Doing management the Cambridge way

Find MBA: Experiential learning: Better than MBA case study?

Business schools around the world offer various projects where MBA students have the opportunity to apply what they learnt in practice. Cambridge MBA students take part in two main projects among other learning possibilities: Cambridge Venture Project (CVP) – where…

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Manufacturing and Engineering Magazine: New Anglia Capital invests in Spark EV

Spark EV, which offers artificial intelligence-based journey prediction systems for electric vehicles, received a £50,000 investment. The electric vehicles market is receiving strong interest in regions like Scandinavia. Research carried out by MBA students at Cambridge Judge Business School for…

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South East Business: Targeting hospitality skills shortage

Research co-authored by Cambridge Judge MBA students predicts there will be “a skills shortage in the hospitality industry in the UK – 375,000 positions in 2018 alone.” The findings indicate that businesses should use technology to “match” the right employee…

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Venturing into MBA consulting projects: which companies are students working with?

Every year in October and November, Cambridge MBAs undertake their Cambridge Venture Project (CVP), the first live team project where students apply their learning from a key core course of the MBA – Management Praxis. Over the past five weeks…

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Venturing into MBA consulting projects

The Daily Telegraph: Let’s give a new generation the work skills they need

Research for Founders4Schools carried out by Cambridge MBA students (class of 2016) as part of their Cambridge Venture Project found that “only 63 per cent of businesses have offered work experience in the past 12 months. Meanwhile, over half of…

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Who are this year’s Cambridge Venture Project clients?

Every year in October, Cambridge MBAs begin their Cambridge Venture Project (CVP), the first live team project where students use the skills they are learning in their Management Praxis course to deliver solutions for real-world clients. Over the next five…

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one of our MBA project groups

Facing challenges at work? Why focusing on ‘not so soft’ skills can unlock your potential

They're often called "soft skills" but the reality is they're anything but: the skills you learn to help you deal with people are not only some of the hardest things to learn but could also make a massive difference to…

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Soft sklills

Cambridge News: Cambridge Judge Business School MBAs offer their skills to firms

Are you a Cambridgeshire business looking for professional consulting at a fraction of the cost? Then the Cambridge Judge Business School’s MBA cohort may be just what you need. This article in the Cambridge News explores the experiences and the…

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