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Centre for Compliance & Trust (CCT)

Brains and machines

Elisabetta Osta, Managing Director for Information, Insights and Innovation at Barclays and a Visiting Fellow in Marketing at Cambridge Judge, talks about motivation, mentoring and consumer behaviour. I've always been fascinated by how our brains work. My background is behavioural…

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Brains and machines - doll with computer circuit overlay

The man at the helm of TSB and his secret to banking success

Putting customer service before everything – even the bottom line – is the way for banking to rebuild trust, says Paul Pester, CEO of TSB. Imagine a world of banking that tears up the old rules and starts all over…

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Paul Pester

Don’t trust your bank? Don’t sweat it. Because in 2016 the things that matter are competence, diligence and accuracy.

Alex Oliver is a philosopher. He works on logic, metaphysics and the philosophy of mathematics. His pastimes include cryptic crosswords and reggae music. He lives in Cambridge and has two children and a chocolate Labrador. You would never suppose that…

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CCR Magazine: Banking standards: Turning ideas into reality

The Centre for Compliance and Trust (CCT) at the University of Cambridge Judge Business School and the CCP Research Foundation CIC collaborate on banking standards initiatives. The initial joint programme will focus on banking standards and so-called “grey areas” related…

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Beware the grey areas: how to create banking standards for good market practice

It’s no secret that banking has had to clean up its act, and quickly. The culture of the industry has been severely criticised – yet with no baseline standards in place it has been tricky to define what “good behaviour”…

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Banking standards

CCP Research Foundation and the Centre for Compliance and Trust at Cambridge Judge Business School collaborate on banking standards initiatives. The Centre for Compliance and Trust (CCT) at the University of Cambridge Judge Business School and the CCP Research Foundation…

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Trust in banking

Restoring trust in banking requires a cultural commitment reflected throughout the organisation, delegates told at Trust in Banking conference organised by Cambridge Judge Executive Education. Restoring public trust in banking requires a cultural commitment that extends to every level of…

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Trust in Banking conference

The return of ethical banking – why banks must put social purpose at the heart of their strategy

Banks that fail to adopt fully an ethical agenda will be vulnerable to long-term decline. That is the stark warning from researchers Jens van 't Klooster and Marco Meyer, whose new study argues that the banking sector needs to embrace…

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How banks can show us they really care

Making good use of innovations from the FinTech revolution is a great way for banks to restore customers' trust. Smartphones, smart apps and smart entrepreneurs have the power to restore our trust in the banking industry – but only if…

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Attention: what banks can learn from the Army

When it comes to building trust, the British Army could hold some valuable lessons. What do banks and the British Army have in common? Not much on the face of it, but as banks battle to restore trust, there may…

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