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Agency conflicts and costs of equity

The agency problem, in the context of separation in ownership (shareholders or the principals) and control (managers or the agents), is one of the most important issues in corporate finance. This separation may induce conflicts of interest inherent in the…

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Upward trajectory of a paper aeroplane.

Speaking up in Chinese companies

Chinese culture usually avoids conflict, but speaking up following the failure of new product development can help future projects and yield valuable workplace lessons, says new study co-authored by Professor David De Cremer of Cambridge Judge Business School. In China,…

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Silhouette shadows of business people talking in office

How context makes conflict trauma hard to understand, and not just for Trump

When US presidential hopeful Donald Trump jumped with characteristic abandon into the debate over post-traumatic stress disorder, his comments that some veterans are not "strong enough" to handle the mental stresses of combat were broadly criticised. War veterans, and the…

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Soldier carrying another wounded soldier in the battle field. Acton photo of war-time action.

The Actuary: Social unrest: a systemic risk

With the help of social media, civil unrest is a risk that has profoundly changed in nature, says Dr Scott Kelly, Senior Research Associate at the Centre for Risk Studies, Cambridge Judge Business School. Read the full article []…

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Preparing for war: business contingency planning urged in Cambridge Risk Centre seminar

As conflict continues in Ukraine, and the prospect of an expansionist Russia throws a shadow of war over Europe, the Cambridge Risk Centre for Risk Studies today urged businesses to incorporate geopolitical conflict scenarios into their business preparedness planning. "These…

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My Science: Planning for war: a guide for business

Andrew Coburn, Director of Advisory Board at Centre for Risk Studies, Cambridge Judge Business School, says that businesses need to be prepared and have contingency plans for military conflicts. "The World Economic Forum's annual survey of threats of concern to…

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Cambridge Network: Be prepared: a guide for business

Business leaders reawake to the risk of regional conflict, Andrew Coburn of the Centre for Risk Studies writes in The Conversation. He says: From the crisis in Ukraine to the "cyber war" between the US and North Korea, the turmoil…

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Conflict in the workplace

Current reward policy is increasingly complex, too technical, focused on too few people and has serious unintended consequences, says Dr Jonathan Trevor An acknowledged authority on HR management is calling for a new approach to reward policy to liberate value…

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