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Paul Bello and Ian Colwill’s new consulting venture in partnership to innovate future defence vehicles

Innovation consultancy Catalyst Corporation contributing to project to explore future combat vehicle technologies. Paul Bello and Ian Colwill (EMBA 2013) A new venture by Executive MBA alumni Paul Bello and Ian Colwill (both EMBA 2013) has been announced as part…

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Paul Bello and Ian Colwill (EMBA 2013).

From EMBA to carbon cables

A project to develop lightweight carbon nanomaterials in airplanes and other transport, which originated as an Executive MBA consulting project at Cambridge Judge, wins recognition from EUREKA to develop prototype materials. An alliance to explore the potential of lightweight carbon…

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Airplane flying overclouds. This is a 3d render illustration

How to be the best consultant at Gallup

In our new series 'How to be the best...' we hear from recruiters on the frontline about what it takes to make it in their world. As you would expect of the world's largest human behaviour 'measurers', Gallup feels it…

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MBA consultants

So you want to work in … consulting

In this podcast series we go behind the scenes to give you a feel for what it's really like to work in some of the most coveted careers and companies. In this podcast Cambridge MBA Ajay Arora (ex-BBC) is joined…

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I want to be … a management consultant

So you've decided it's time to redirect your career, and what you've heard about management consultancy appeals to you. But what do you need to make the dream a reality? We ask people with experience working and recruiting in this…

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