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consumer psychology

No more ‘average’ consumer

Matching advertising images to personality traits can find the most suitable image for a particular customer and help win sales, finds a new study co-authored by Dr David Stillwell of Cambridge Judge Business School. Consumers pay far more attention to…

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composite of marketing images

How effective is psychological targeting in advertising? What we can learn about you from just one click.

Dr Sandra Matz, a former PhD student at Cambridge now based at Columbia University, and her co-authors, including Dr David Stillwell from Cambridge Judge Business School, have published a new study which demonstrates that companies only need one Facebook 'Like'…

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Magnet attracts a group of businessmen

Fancy a fling on the rebound (with a human-like brand)?

People who suffer social rejection are more attracted to human-like brands like the colourful M&M characters – and are more likely to seek a short-term "fling" relationship with these brands if they blame others (rather than themselves) for the rejection,…

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Human-like brands are more appealing to certain consumsers.

Can’t resist your credit card? A Cambridge academic reckons he can nudge your bank account into better health

The power of "nudging" – subtle interventions informed by psychology to change people's behaviour – is becoming increasingly accepted in marketing circles. As consumers we are now used to being given gentle reminders to eat better, drink less and exercise…

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Male and alone on Valentine’s Day? It could cost you

Men indulge in luxury goods after they have been romantically rejected, while women go for expensive treats when their lovelife is on the up, new research shows A study by marketing academics has concluded that when men have been rejected…

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