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corporate finance

Agency conflicts and costs of equity

The agency problem, in the context of separation in ownership (shareholders or the principals) and control (managers or the agents), is one of the most important issues in corporate finance. This separation may induce conflicts of interest inherent in the…

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Leading economists on corporate tax reform

The Financial Economists Roundtable, which includes Professor Elroy Dimson of Cambridge Judge, calls for retaining current "worldwide" US tax system but removing the deferral option for offshore profits. The Financial Economist Roundtable, a group of senior economists including Professor Elroy…

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Jargon-free corporate finance

A new Short Introduction to Corporate Finance book by Cambridge Judge Professor Raghavendra Rau simplifies an often intimidating subject into six basic ideas – all revolving around the principle of 'no free lunch'. Corporate finance is a topic many people…

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The deal-maker: what it takes to lead the way

From his place at the top table of British banking, Sir Simon Robertson has worked with and for some of the biggest names in the world of corporate finance. I am proud to belong to a rather exclusive club of…

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Sir Simon Robertson