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Is debt financing by firms good for economic growth?

by Dr Adelphe Ekponon, Research Associate, Cambridge Centre for Finance and Cambridge Endowment for Research in Finance Dr Adelphe Ekponon In addition to internal funds, firms have two main sources of financing: equity and debt (in general, a mix of…

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Balancing equity and debt.

Contingent convertibles: do they do what they are supposed to do?

by Dr Hui (Frank) Xu, Research Associate, Cambridge Centre for Finance and Cambridge Endowment for Research in Finance When Lehman Brothers was in deep water in September 2008, the US federal government and the Federal Reserve decided not to bail…

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Dynamic interaction

New research by Professor Bart Lambrecht of Cambridge Judge examines the interaction of investment, payout and debt – and the key role of managerial preferences on a firm’s capital structure. A new research paper co-authored by Bart Lambrecht, Professor of…

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Can we escape our addiction to debt?

Lord Turner, formerly chairman of the Financial Services Authority and a student at the University of Cambridge in the 1970s, argues that driving out the instability caused by debt and credit creation systems is the best way to avoid future…

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Lord Turner speaking

Our financial imagination and the cosmos

by Dr Armen Papazian (PhD 1998), Chairman & CEO of Keipr We wake up every day on a planet that floats in a galaxy filled with billions of stars, in a universe filled with billions of galaxies, and yet, we…

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Tide comes in for Daniel

Former UK Defence Secretary Liam Fox turned to MFin student Daniel Yates when he needed to get his head round complex financial matters for his new book, Rising Tides. Fox has recognised Daniel’s expertise in the acknowledgements for the book,…

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Daniel Yates

How China’s mergers and acquisitions market will grow and change

Cambridge MBA student Ran Wan discusses the prospects for the Chinese M&A market, particularly the move towards more private sector transactions and debt financing. An interview with Conrad Chua, Head of Marketing and Admissions for the Cambridge MBA.…

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Paul Krugman, Princeton University: Greece default – not if but when

Paul Krugman, the internationally renowned economist, author and New York Times columnist, is convinced that Greece will default on its debts and is likely to leave the Euro. He warns it would be a messy affair which could eventually lead…

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Paul Krugman