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digital business

Xinhua Finance: Digital platforms need responsible leadership

Recent scandals in digital companies like Facebook and Badu show a lack of responsible leadership, says David De Cremer, KPGM Professor of Management Studies at Cambridge Judge. David thinks that a mindset he calls “the innovation-only bias” has hindered entrepreneurs…

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Learning to be disruptive

In 1903, an adviser to the Ford Motor company remarked, "The horse is here to stay but the automobile is only a novelty – a fad". Over the last 100 years such miscalculations have almost become a norm with firms…

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Cropped shot of a group of colleagues using their smart phones in synchronicity

Digital transformation

Bringing digital business to the core of the Cambridge MBA. An explosion of growth in digital technology, brings with it opportunities – and challenges – for current and new businesses, so how are we equipping Cambridge MBAs with the tools…

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Horizontal color image of businesswoman - unrecognizable person - working with digital tablet in large futuristic factory. Focus on businesswoman's hands holding black tablet, futuristic machines in background.

Clouds are gathering – and it could be great news for your career

With the Internet of Things gathering momentum, the fast-growing sphere of cloud services could offer the stimulating career you're looking for. The Internet of Things (IOT) is set to outstrip the number of connected humans in the next decade with…

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