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digital government

Computer Weekly: Let’s get digital on the electoral curriculum for all our politicians

We all know that one thing characterises digital business models - be they Rightmove, Airbnb, Uber, Spotify, Tripadvisor, peer-to-peer lending platforms, or banking - they all disintermediate bureaucrats and administrators within old hierarchies, allowing people to innovate, provide, and consume…

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Computer Weekly: Government must be a platform entrepreneur to deliver ‘digital 2.0’

I recently came across the National Audit Office (NAO) ICT in Government: Landscape Review, released back in 2011 ... The document now reads a little dated, as in one remark that "a growing number of public services are now available…

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Computer Weekly: Where is the long-term political vision for digital public services?

As in any relationship, there are signs the UK public sector’s dalliance with digital is moving from the first blushes of initial infatuation and settling down to making the relationship work; where past legacies and unresolved questions start to come…

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