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Business Leader: Is Cambridge one of the UK’s foremost business ecosystems?

Bruno Cotta, Executive Director of the Entrepreneurship Centre at Cambridge, comments on what's driving Cambridge's business community and its future ambitions. “Cambridge is one of the most innovative and enterprising places on the planet. The region surrounding an 800 years…

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Teaming up

Coronavirus brings partner ecosystems to the fore, writes Professor Peter Williamson of Cambridge Judge Business School. Professor Peter Williamson Commenting on the challenge of COVID-19 (coronavirus), Germany's President Frank-Walter Steinmeier summed up the new reality perfectly: "No single entity covers the medical, economic,…

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Smart working and video conference.

The ASEAN Fintech Ecosystem Benchmarking Study

According to the first ASEAN FinTech Ecosystem Benchmarking Report, increasing demand for financial technology (FinTech) solutions across the ASEAN region has supported a rapidly growing and diverse FinTech landscape. The first of its kind, the ASEAN FinTech Ecosystem Benchmarking Study…

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Evening skyline with digital overlay.

Innovation ecosystems (The Cambridge Judge Business Debate podcast series)

Innovation ecosystems – networks and places to exchange ideas – are helping to unlock value through collaboration across industries. L-R: Professor Shahzad Ansari, Belinda Bell, Dr Chris Coleridge and Michael Kitson In this episode, joining podcast host Michael Kitson, University…

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Grassy room illustrating a innovative ecosystem - with hexagonal pattern and vertical garden on the wall.

Back to the good old days

Loosely coupled networks, like those used in medieval Britain and 14th century Tuscany, are increasingly being adopted by leading modern companies Modern, 21st century companies are learning from the loose networks used in a 14th century Italian textile industry or…

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Professor Peter Williamson