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Cambridge Network: Cambridge entrepreneur is one of Nesta’s 2018 ‘New Radicals’

Andrea Cockerton, co-founder of House of Cambridge, has been named among 50 'New Radicals 2018' by Nesta and the Observer. Andrea is one of the pitching trainers at Cambridge Judge Launchpad programmes at the Cambridge Judge Business School Entrepreneurship Centre.…

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Venturing forth: Bricks for Autism

A social venture, currently on the Cambridge Social Ventures programme, aims to help children with communications and learning disabilities. Dr Gina Gomez de la Cuesta is passionate about LEGO-based therapy and how this can help autistic children to improve social…

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3d rendering of a toy building blocks lying in a colorful pile over a wooden desk on a blue background. Play time. Construction blocks. Toys and games.

Financial Times: Novo Nordisk buys UK university biotech spin-out Ziylo

Ziylo's biotech platform for treating diabetes was acquired for $800 million by Novo Nordisk. Dr Andy Chapman, Chief Scientific Officer of Ziylo, is an alumnus of the Ignite programme, run by the Entrepreneurship Centre at Cambridge Judge Business School. Read…

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Entomics and sustainability

Maggots and rotting food waste: a new recipe for sustainable fish and animal feed from Entomics, which was supported by Cambridge Judge Business School. In a warehouse to the northeast of Cambridge are shelves upon shelves of trays teeming with…

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Lots of maggots

Business Weekly: From maggots to meals

The Entomics Biosystems startup aims to reduce food waste by converting it into energy or food for fish and animals. The team is using insects - specifically the Black Soldier Fly - as an efficient biological catalyst. The startup is…

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Channel 4: Dispatches: Breastfeeding uncovered

Britain has some of the worst rates of breastfeeding in the world, and a study shows that 67 per cent of people in the UK believe there is no real difference between breastmilk and infant formula. Hearts Milk Bank cofounder…

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The key to entrepreneurial success? Managing yourself

Terence Yeo, Founder and CEO of LED lighting products company Fusion Optix and a Cambridge MBA alumnus (MBA 2001), says that managing oneself is key to success in entrepreneurship. Terence founded the company in 2003 while sharing a house in…

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Bronze skeleton key hanging by rope on antique teal blue distressed wood door

Tips for ventures

Experts discuss how startup ventures can avoid fundraising pitfalls at Enterprise Tuesday event at Cambridge Judge Business School. Entrepreneurship has always been about trial and error, so learning from mistakes is a key part of the journey – and raising…

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Business team working at a standing desk in a modern office building

Business Weekly: Cambridge entrepreneur named president of European angel club

The chairman of Cambridge Angels has been named as new president of the European Business Angel Network. Peter Cowley, a Fellow in Entrepreneurship at Cambridge Judge Business School, will be in the new role for the next two years. He…

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Scale-up award

Speechmatics, a venture that was on the Accelerate Cambridge programme at Cambridge Judge, is named a "One to watch" startup at the UK Business Angels Association awards. Speechmatics, a venture that converts spoken language into written text, was named as…

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