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financial risk

Corporate risk

From a risk perspective, the past decade has been traumatic, from the global financial crisis to election shocks of tectonic proportions. Professor Daniel Ralph of Cambridge Judge says not to expect the next decade to be any better, instead -…

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Insurance Times: Pool Re to extend cover to include physical damage from cyber attacks

Pool Re, the terrorism reinsurance pool in UK, will extend its cover to include material damage caused by cyber attacks. The extension is based on a research study by the Centre for Risk Studies at Cambridge Judge Business School. Simon…

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Reuters: UK terrorism reinsurance fund to include cyber coverage from next year

Reinsurer Pool Re from next April will begin providing cyber terrorism insurance based on a study by the Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies at Cambridge Judge. The study identified 40 potential cyber terrorism scenarios which may impact a UK insurance…

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Cyber terrorism

Pool Re, the UK terrorism reinsurance pool, will begin providing cyber terrorism insurance based on a study by the Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies. Pool Re, the UK terrorism reinsurance pool set up in 1993 in the wake of the…

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Raconteur: From Brexit to festivals, tools must measure a new generation of risks

Businesses should look for new tools to measure risks. Dr Michelle Tuveson, Executive Director of the Centre for Risk Studies, comments: “Risk management and its supporting research will need to expand to address the demand for greater clarity in modelling…

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Cambridge TV: Cambridge entrepreneurs – AlgoDynamix

In the sixth installment of the Cambridge Entrepreneurs series on Cambridge TV Luther Phillips from the Entrepreneurship Centre interviews Dr Jeremy Sosabowski of AlgoDynamix, a Cambridge start-up that detects financial market anomalies that result in significant price disruptions. Watch the video…

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Hedge fund skills

Only a few skilled hedge fund managers can consistently deliver 'alpha' returns while managing systematic risk, finds new study co-authored at Cambridge Judge Business School. Managers in the $2.9 trillion global hedge fund industry commonly market themselves as consistently delivering…

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Financial World: Body blows to the market

A trader’s physiological changes play a key role in decisions on risk, says Dr John Coates of Cambridge Judge Business School... In the olden days – and in the financial markets those were as recent as the 1990s – risk…

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The hour between dog and wolf

There is a tendency in economics to think that financial risk-taking is a purely cognitive activity. But as Dr John Coates explains, it's more quirky than that. Young male city traders on a winning streak shift their risk preferences and…

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Dr John Coates