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Social innovation labs

A research paper by a recent graduate of the Masters in Social Innovation programme at Cambridge Judge Business School is published by CERN. A research paper on social innovation labs written by a recent graduate of the Masters of Studies…

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Creative people standing in the office and working together on computer. Blurred motion.

The Independent: Economists say Brexit is not good for troubling GDP

Michael Kitson, University Senior Lecturer in International Macroeconomics at Cambridge Judge Business School, writes about UK’s troubling GDP, economic outlook and what Brexit might bring. “Productivity in the UK has been sluggish since the financial crisis, and the most recent…

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Spread the innovation around

The UK economy needs greater diffusion of innovation, not just new inventions. By Michael Kitson, University Senior Lecturer in International Macroeconomics at Cambridge Judge Business School Michael Kitson A consortium of prestigious science, business and research organisations is calling on…

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Hand reaching up and touching the network.

Network Capital Leadership: Interview with Cambridge Professor

An interview with Jaideep Prabhu, Professor of Marketing and Jawaharlal Nehru Professor of Indian Business & Enterprise at Cambridge Judge Business School, about his research in areas like marketing, innovation and international business and the role of mentors in his…

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Award for innovation in personalised medicine

Dr Geoff Macintyre and Dr Anna Piskorz, Co-founders of Pinpoint Oncology, a startup supported by the Cambridge Judge Entrepreneurship Centre, have been awarded a £50,000 Innovation Prize by Cancer Research UK. Leveraging cutting-edge research conducted at Cancer Research UK and…

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Award for innovation in personalised medicine

Innovation ecosystems (The Cambridge Judge Business Debate podcast series)

Innovation ecosystems – networks and places to exchange ideas – are helping to unlock value through collaboration across industries. L-R: Professor Shahzad Ansari, Belinda Bell, Dr Chris Coleridge and Michael Kitson In this episode, joining podcast host Michael Kitson, University…

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Grassy room illustrating a innovative ecosystem - with hexagonal pattern and vertical garden on the wall.

East Anglia Business Magazine: What is innovation

Just what is “innovation” – and is there a dark side to this wave of change that has transformed our lives through technology and other breakthroughs? Cambridge Judge Business School faculty – Michael Kitson, Professor Sucheta Nadkarni, Simon Stockley and…

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China cost innovation

Unconventional organisational processes, not only lower-cost talent, have led to cost innovation among Chinese companies, says a new study co-authored by Peter Williamson and Eden Yin of Cambridge Judge Business School's Cambridge Centre for Chinese Management. The cost advantage of…

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Small brewers show how craft principles could reshape the economy – but they’re under threat

By Dr Jochem Kroezen, University Lecturer in International Business at Cambridge Judge Business School, with co-authors Dr Maikel Kuijpers, Assistant Professor of the Archaeology of Early Europe at Leiden University, and Dr Catalin Popa, Postdoctoral Researcher in Archaeology at Leiden…

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Portrait of tattooed, bearded hipster male manufacturer tasting beer in the microbrewery.

Helping the ‘unbanked’

Enabling inclusive fintech through regulatory innovation is the subject of a new report co-produced by the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance at Cambridge Judge Business School. Fintech can help extend the benefits of financial inclusion to millions of unbanked and…

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Helping the unbanked