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Jeremy Hutchison-Krupat


Local business and health solutions are winners in#CamvsCovid hackathon organised by MPhil in Technology Policy students. Entries focusing on local shops, the virtual shopping experience and remote health diagnostics were the winners of the #CamvsCovid: 72-hour virtual hackathon to seek solutions…

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Cartoon of a hackathon.

Virtual residential week

A blog from the Masters in Entrepreneurship on the impact of COVID-19 on University educational programmes. The Master of Studies (MSt) in Entrepreneurship at Cambridge Judge Business School adjusted its "residential" week to online delivery due to the COVID-19 (coronavirus)…

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Woman learning online.

Business Because: Coronavirus: Can online learning rise to the challenge?

Coronavirus pandemic forced business schools around the world to switch to online teaching quickly. But will this trend continue in the future? “There will be some return to previous practice, but this forced experiment will have a lasting effect,” says…

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Mother of adaptability

We need to take advantage of this crisis-fueled breakthrough to fully tap technology, says Dr Jeremy Hutchison-Krupat.  It’s said that "necessity is the mother of invention", but the seamless transition to online work and education around the globe - forced by…

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Picture of racing car in pitstop.

A bit fuzzy

Vague versus specific: when it comes to communicating with direct reports, senior leaders shouldn't always seek greater specificity, says Dr Jeremy Hutchison-Krupat of Cambridge Judge Business School. Conventional wisdom holds that communication within an organisation works best when there is…

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Defocused shot of people at work.

Teaching prizes

Seven members of the Cambridge Judge Business School faculty receive Teaching Prizes from Dean, Professor Christoph Loch, for teaching excellence in a variety of programmes. [L-R] Dr Vincent Mak, Professor Stelios Kavadias, Dr Jeremy Hutchison-Krupat, Dr Simon Taylor, Dr Jenny…

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Vincent Mak, Stelios Kavadias, Jeremy Hutchison-Krupat, Simon Taylor, Jenny Chu and Michael Kitson

East Anglia Business Magazine: What is innovation

Just what is “innovation” – and is there a dark side to this wave of change that has transformed our lives through technology and other breakthroughs? Cambridge Judge Business School faculty – Michael Kitson, Professor Sucheta Nadkarni, Simon Stockley and…

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Master in Management Guide: MSc programmes in entrepreneurship: A path to startup success?

Business schools are not only for consultants or bankers but also for people wanting to launch their own business, writes Seb Murray in Master in Management Guide. This could be a safe environment to test a business idea, according to…

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Project incentive systems

'Free riding' has a bad name, but it may be a necessary burden if firms adopt proper incentive systems for cross-functional projects, says a study by Jeremy Hutchison-Krupat of Cambridge Judge Business School. The "free rider" concept has a long…

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One team member relaxes and lets their colleagues do all the work.

Innovation (The Cambridge Judge Business Debate podcast series)

Just what is "innovation" – and is there a dark side to this wave of change that has transformed our lives through technology and other breakthroughs? L-R: Michael Kitson, Sucheta Nadkarni, Simon Stockley, Jeremy Hutchison-Krupat In this episode, joining podcast…

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