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The ‘carry’ trade

The carry strategy in foreign exchange markets generates positive average returns over the long run, but it can experience losses when there are shifts from fixed to floating currency regimes, finds a new study co-authored by Dr David Chambers of…

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Reinvesting market power for the betterment of shareholders

Dr Scott B. Guernsey On the supply side, highly competitive industries are generally characterised as having many firms and low barriers to entry. The first condition implies that existing firms cannot dictate or influence prices, and the second that new…

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Prose on investing

Article co-authored by Elroy Dimson of Cambridge Judge is included in a new book, The Best Investment Writing, Volume Two. An article on "The evolution of equity markets" co-authored by Professor Elroy Dimson, Chairman of the Newton Centre for Endowment Asset…

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Think the market is irrational?

Research from Cambridge predicts investors with confidence and knowledge will profit. Don't trust an investor who says he has never succumbed to irrationality. It may be the sector's dirty word, but even the best, most level-headed and analytical investors can…

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Adrian Kyriazi, Credit Suisse: Managing in submerging markets

Adrian Kyriazi, MD and Head of Greece/Cyprus, Poland & Eastern Europe at Credit Suisse Private Bank, talks about managing in submerging markets and the restructuring of the private bank's business as individual net worth in Greece sank by 40 per…

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Adrian Kyriazi

Driving business in the global economy

Cambridge Judge Business School professor to speak at The Economist's High-Growth Markets Summit Professor Jaideep Prabhu from Cambridge Judge Business School has been invited to speak at The Economist's High-Growth Markets Summit, which is taking place on 20 and 21 September 2012…

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Professor Jaideep Prabhu