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Master of Accounting

Accounting for climate change

Accountants may seem unlikely warriors in the frontline of the climate change challenge, but the outlook is set fair for their role to become increasingly crucial. Climate change and other environmental unknowns could be said to be some of the…

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Financial Times: Evidence does not support ‘conflict of interest’ worries

Jan Bouwens, Professor of Management Accounting at Cambridge Judge Business School, writes a letter to the Financial Times in response to suggestions that the Big Four accounting firms be broken up. “The worry raised by critics of firms that provide…

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Why accountants are a big deal when landing the big deals

As global mergers and acquisitions get set to accelerate over the coming years, accountants will find themselves busy. So what makes a great M&A accountant? In December the FT cast its eye over the global mergers and acquisitions landscape for…

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The Economist: Insider trading has been rife on Wall Street, academics conclude

A study co-authored by Alan Jagolinzer, Professor of Financial Accounting at Cambridge Judge Business School, is featured in The Economist. The study, focusing on the Troubled Asset Relief Programme (TARP) in the United States, argues that “well-connected insiders profited even…

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Governance in the era of an information credibility crisis: what accountants should consider

A decade on from the 2008 financial crash, how has governance and transparency in accounting changed, and what challenges lie ahead? A cavalier attitude to governance is widely held to be one of the main rocks on which the ship…

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City of London

The CPA Journal: Creating synergy between academics and professionals

Alan Jagolinzer, Professor of Financial Accounting at Cambridge Judge, comments about the need to create synergy between academics and professionals in accounting education. Writing about the new Master of Accounting programme beginning next year at Cambridge Judge, he writes: “We…

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Five ways Cambridge Judge Business School is helping accountants prepare for an uncertain future

The accounting landscape is changing at an extraordinary rate. Phenomena such as triple-entry accounting, increased automation, and big data, as well as an expectation that accountants must report on a wider gamut of activities than ever before, are placing unprecedented…

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How should aspiring leaders in accounting approach their working life?

An interview with Patrick Finnegan We asked Patrick Finnegan, Retired Board Member of the International Accounting Standards Board, and Advisor to the Cambridge Master of Accounting, for his view on what ambitious early-career professionals looking for leadership roles in accounting…

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Business Weekly: Cambridge to coach financial change agents

Cambridge Judge Business School has launched a new part-time Master of Accounting degree (Cambridge MAcc) to develop global thought leaders in financial information. The two-year programme will be run in association with the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and…

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Accounting change agents

University of Cambridge Judge Business School launches new part-time Master of Accounting degree to develop thought leaders in financial information. Cambridge Judge Business School at the University of Cambridge has launched a new two-year, part-time Master of Accounting degree programme,…

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