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How networks are turning to mathematicians to maximise ad dollar returns

Media planners be warned: the next great battle for eyeballs will be conducted via algorithm. When your customers are paying tens of thousands of pounds for a 30-second advertising slot, careful planning of where - and when - a spot…

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Does economics need less maths or more?

Has mathematics become too complex and too dominant a force in modern economics? Yes, says Cambridge Judge Business School's Michael Kitson; no, says economist Dr William H. Janeway. Here both experts set out their views on what's needed to help…

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Economics: an art not a science

In a debate with venture capitalist and economist Dr William H. Janeway, Michael Kitson, Senior Lecturer in International Macroeconomics at Cambridge Judge Business School, argues that we stand a better chance of avoiding future financial crises if economists place less…

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Michael Kitson

Model behaviour

In a debate with Cambridge Judge Business School's Michael Kitson, Dr William H. Janeway, the famed American venture capitalist and economist, argues that economics is now the most data-rich of the social sciences and thus requires more complex underlying models.…

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Dr William H. Janeway