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Neil Stott

200 years later

A research symposium on human trafficking, co-ordinated with the Cambridge Centre for Social Innovation, looks at refugees, recruitment, routes and other troublesome "Rs" of modern slavery. Winding their way up an ornate iron spiral staircase, delegates to a special symposium…

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Silhouette of birds flying in the dusk behind barbed wire.

Handy inclusion

Newly published Handbook of Inclusive Innovation is co-edited by Professor Paul Tracey of Cambridge Judge and includes several contributions from the School. Professor Paul Tracey A newly published book on inclusive innovation, co-edited by Paul Tracey, Professor of Innovation &…

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Handbook of Inclusive Innovation

Social engagement

The work of the Cambridge Centre for Social Innovation is featured in the Impact through Engagement series of films by the University of Cambridge. Dr Neil Stott and Dr Michelle Fava from the Cambridge Centre for Social Innovation at Cambridge…

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An experienced woman mentors a female colleague, the mature woman is holding a laptop as they debate data from an interactive display; they are both wearing smart casual clothing.

Beneficial charging of beneficiaries

Fears that charities could weaken their legitimacy by charging for services are not borne out by the data, concludes a new study from the Cambridge Centre for Social Innovation. Lacking empirical research, charity leaders have traditionally relied upon "emotional judgements"…

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hand giving money for investment the future

Radical cultural entrepreneurship

How do social enterprises emerge in 'extreme' situations? Research from Cambridge Judge and Naples University examines how a social cooperative launched in a mafia-riddled town in southern Italy. How do organisations that operate in extreme situations legitimise themselves? One way…

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Ercolano, Italy

Enterprise in Africa

Local context matters for entrepreneurship in developing countries where Western ideas of profit may not fit the 'collectivist' culture, says article by Laura Claus and Dr Neil Stott of Cambridge Judge Business School. While "entrepreneurship" may be a hip buzzword…

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Enterprise in Africa

Social innovation, over time

Community activists tend to seek urgent solutions, but a new study from the Cambridge Centre for Social Innovation emphasises how patience is essential for cross-sector development work. Perhaps unsurprisingly, people working in community organisations are not known as the most…

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Gazette: Cambridge fellows

Two people from Memorial University in Newfoundland are named fellows of social innovation at the Cambridge Centre for Social Innovation at Cambridge Judge. Dr Natalie Slawinski, Associate Professor of Strategy at the Faculty of Business Administration, has been named a…

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Globalisation (The Cambridge Judge Business Debate podcast series)

Is the globalisation which has shaped our world over recent decades slowing or even moving backwards in the wake of the Brexit vote in Britain and the election of Donald Trump as US president, asks the first podcast in the…

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My Science: The social enterprise greenhouse that helps businesses bloom

When it comes to starting social enterprises, Professor Paul Tracey and Dr Neil Stott from the Cambridge Centre for Social Innovation “would love to see a thousand flowers bloom”. But doing good for society isn’t as straightforward as it sounds…

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