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quantum computing

Doing business in a big data world – how to up-skill and prepare for constant change

How should you prepare for a business world driven by information now available on an unprecedented scale? Cambridge MBA Lecturer in Big Data Analytics, Dr David Stillwell, has some top tips in the world of IoT, AI, dark data, quantum…

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Financial Times: Quantum computing: The power to think outside the box

An article about quantum computing and how we can benefit from it in the future. Ilyas Khan, CEO of Cambridge Quantum Computing and Fellow in Management Practice at Cambridge Judge Business School, says the chemicals industry probably will be the…

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Quantum computers will change our lives – just not yet

In the last of a three-part series on when quantum computers will change our lives, serial entrepreneur and co-founder of Amadeus Capital Partners Dr Hermann Hauser argues the moment of breakthrough is further away than we might hope. I do believe quantum…

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Quantum computers will be prevalent sooner than you might think

In the second of a three-part series, Ilyas Khan, CJBS Leader in Residence and Fellow in Management Practice, tells us why quantum computers will be prevalent sooner than you might think. Richard Feynman first put into words the concept of…

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Quantum computers will change our lives – but how quickly?

In the first of a three-part series, we ask how quickly will quantum computers change our lives? Quantum physics? Check. Quantum mechanics? Check. Quantum computers? Erm, computers? That's right – quantum computers. Millions of times more powerful than conventional computers,…

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Town and gown

Debate on quantum computing, including remarks by Professor Stephen Hawking, inaugurate new Cambridge Judge “Town and Gown” series linking business and academia. A new "Town and Gown" series of events organised by Cambridge Judge Business School kicked off on 21…

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Town and Gown speakers