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Shahzad Ansari

Collaborative uncoupling in business

Companies that separate through divestiture or spin-outs can benefit from continued collaboration, but negative terminology like 'split-up' and 'divorce' often get in the way, says a new study co-authored by Professor Shahzad Ansari of Cambridge Judge Business School. Popular music…

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conflict in business concept with broken chain

Top 10 reads of 2018

We have long known that the News & Insight section of the Cambridge Judge Business School website attracts an audience with eclectic interests and tastes, a reflection of the many different aspects of business explored at the Business School and…

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Corporate governance (The Cambridge Judge Business Debate podcast series)

How have the concepts of corporate governance evolved, and are they fit for purpose in this disruptive era? L-R: Simon Learmount, Shaz Ansari, Jennifer Howard-Grenville, Michael Kitson In this episode, joining podcast host Michael Kitson, University Senior Lecturer in International…

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Businessman holding modern buildings with global network connection. Elements of this image are furnished by NASA

Disruption: a never-ending dilemma

The new century is characterised by 'continual disruption' affecting not just single firms but entire ecosystems, says an article co-authored by Professor Shahzad Ansari of Cambridge Judge in a forthcoming special issue of the Journal of Management Studies. Following a…

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Fog computing

Paper co-authored by Professor Shahzad Ansari of Cambridge Judge, honoured by the Strategic Management Society at its annual conference, looks at how established firms can "draft off" a newer dominant technology to create a complementary product. A paper co-authored by…

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Office desk in the sea of fog

Top honours in Tallinn

Professors Mark de Rond and Shahzad (Shaz) Ansari of Cambridge Judge win top honours at the annual conference of the European Group on Organization Studies (EGOS) in Estonia. Professor Mark de Rond and Professor Shaz Ansari of Cambridge Judge Business…

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Top honours in Tallinn - blue rosette

Important labels

'Categorisation' is key to regulation of new technology platforms, Professor Shahzad Ansari of Cambridge Judge tells the AOM Big Data Conference. The "categorisation" of new technology platforms will be critical as regulators and other policymakers address issues raised by the…

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Important labels

Navigating the new car industry

'Massive and dramatic' disruption of the auto industry presents eight key issues for incumbent carmakers, says article co-authored by experts from Cambridge Judge Business School and Jaguar Land Rover. "Massive and dramatic" shifts in the auto industry present eight key…

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Aerial view of parked cars

Cambridge Business Magazine: ‘Marketisation’ has its limits – even in the absence of opposition

Some sectors including childcare remain stubbornly resistant to marketisation, finds research by Professor Shaz Ansari and Dr Kamal Munir at Cambridge Judge Business School. Professor Ansari looked at why the Dutch government’s attempt to marketise childcare failed, and Dr Munir…

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Resistance to ‘marketisation’

Some sectors including childcare remain stubbornly resistant to marketisation, finds research by two Cambridge Judge academics. Marketisation is supposedly the only game in town. Putting a price on everything enables competition that makes money for business and improves standards and…

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Childcare has proved resistant to marketisation