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The Economic Times: How CEOs can seek advice: Avoid internal advisors, surround themselves with diverse ideas

CEOs of firms facing poor financial performance consult internal advisers who are less likely to offer fresh insight, says a comprehensive study co-authored by Professor Yasemin Kor of Cambridge Judge Business School. “When CEOs seek advice more from sources cognitively…

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Harvard Business Review (France): Why companies should do better with less

In the French edition of the Harvard Business Review, Navi Radjou, Fellow in Marketing at Cambridge Judge Business School, discusses frugal innovation and how French companies could adapt it: “Frugal innovation is a real breakthrough strategy, which aims to do…

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Claire Walsh, Chartered financial planner, joins new personal finance division at Schroders

Claire Walsh (EMBA 2018) takes on new responsibilities as Head of Advice Strategy at Schroders Personal Wealth. Claire Walsh, Chartered financial planner and Cambridge Executive MBA (EMBA) 2018 participant, is leading advice strategy for investment manager Schroders' new Personal Wealth…

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Andi Davids, Strategy Director on award-winning BBC Two rebrand, joins new creative agency

Andi Davids (EMBA 2015) is providing strategic leadership at a London-based creative agency Recent Cambridge Executive MBA graduate Andi Davids has taken on a new role at Jones Knowles Ritchie (JKR), a London-based design-led creative agency. Andi leads a team…

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The London50

Cambridge Judge Business School faculty attend this week’s inaugural conference of The London50 for strategy and entrepreneurship. Ten faculty members from Cambridge Judge Business School attended this week’s inaugural conference of The London50, which brings together top senior academics from…

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Fortune: Management experts try to make sense of Theresa May’s unconventional Brexit ultimatum

Researchers from UK business school comment on recent events in Brexit and whether there are similarities in business world. Dr Thomas Roulet, University Senior Lecturer in Organisation Theory at Cambridge Judge Business School, commented: “Such a scenario could conceivably happen…

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China Daily: Chinese brands learn how to play the market

Peter Williamson, Honorary Professor of International Management at Cambridge Judge Business School, comments on how Chinese companies are adapting to changes when expanding to foreign markets. "In the past, Chinese companies tended to focus on product performance and price, but…

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Harvard Business Review: How companies can adapt during times of political uncertainty

Some Scottish firms see opportunity created by the “paralysis” of English competitors over Brexit, says a Harvard Business Review article co-authored by Dr Thomas Roulet of Cambridge Judge Business School. The article is based on advisory work around Brexit uncertainty,…

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People Management: Employees waste nearly 13 days a year in ‘unproductive’ meetings, survey finds

Dr Thomas Roulet, University Senior Lecturer in Organisation Theory at Cambridge Judge Business School, comments on how to get the most from organisational meetings. “As organisations are increasingly concerned with how democratic they are, they want to be sure everyone…

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Financial Times: Abandoning quarterly reporting would increase the cost of capital

Professor Jan Bouwens, Visiting Lecturer at Cambridge Judge Business School, writes in a letter to the FT about President Trump’s plans to replace quarterly earnings reports in the US by a six-month system. Professor Bouwens says this is not a…

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