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Strategy+Business: How to create happier employees

Dr Jochen Menges, University Lecturer in Organisational Behaviour at Cambridge Judge Business School, discusses well-being initiatives in companies and how they can be improved. Such initiatives are a good start, Jochen says, but often they don’t make a huge difference:…

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Winning at stress

How to build your resilience in preparation for leadership. Dr Helena Kim Sometimes spurring us on, sometimes overwhelming us, stress is our most faithful companion throughout our careers. So how can we turn it to our advantage? Visiting executive coach…

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My Science: Many highly engaged employees suffer from burnout

Many employees who are highly engaged in their work are also exhausted and ready to leave their organisations, says a new study based on a survey of 1,085 U.S. employees. "These findings are a big challenge to organisations and their…

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Employee burnout risk

Many highly engaged employees are also exhausted and ready to leave their organisations, finds study of 1,085 US workers co-authored by Dr Jochen Menges of Cambridge Judge Business School. Underlining the danger of job burnout, a new study of 1,085…

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When slacker is safer

Professor Stefan Scholtes warns that exceeding the ‘tipping point' can have serious consequences They turn up late. They seem immune to deadlines. They don't mind being carried by the team. Slackers are not usually the most popular people in the…

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Times of Malta: The unacknowledged element of stress at work

It is ironic that while millions of unemployed workers in Europe dream about having a job to restore normality in their lives, the employed often face an unacknowledged element of stress: boredom... In 2011 another researcher, Dr Mark de Rond…

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