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supply chains

Digital customer focus

Manufacturers in the retail sector could better assess customer needs through digital technology in production and supply chain processes, says article in Harvard Business Review co-authored by Dr Benn Lawson of Cambridge Judge Business School. Dr Benn Lawson Manufacturers that…

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Digital customer focus

Harvard Business Review: How digital fulfillment is changing manufacturing

An article co-authored by Dr Benn Lawson, University Senior Lecturer in Operations Management at Cambridge Judge Business School, looks at how manufacturers serving the retail sector can harness digital technology for production and supply chain processes to realign decision-making with…

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Sourcing flexibility

Both delivery and product financial performance can be improved through greater sourcing flexibility, shows a broad empirical study of 336 European and US manufacturing firms co-authored by Professor Feryal Erhun of Cambridge Judge Business School. Manufacturing companies frequently outsource 60…

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Cost transparency – or not

Companies are becoming more open about their supply chains, but costs are the last frontier. A new study co-authored by Dr Vincent Mak and Dr KC Raghabendra at Cambridge Judge looks at when a company should be more transparent about…

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No bangers in the UK

It’s often said that Britain’s car industry is in decline, but research from Dr Matthias Holweg suggests the real story is very different. “Britain hasn’t lost its motor industry. It has just lost its national car company,” says Dr Matthias…

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For global supply read local

Factors other than natural disasters such as the recent one in Japan are reshaping the entire global supply chain system A side effect of the devastating earthquake, tsunami and subsequent energy crisis in Japan has focused attention on worldwide supply…

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Dr Matthias Holweg