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Brexit and Europe

Sharing the social costs of immigration between home and host country would offer the UK a face-saving way to reverse the Brexit decision while demonstrating the EU can reform, German economist Professor Hans-Werner Sinn tells a lecture at Cambridge Judge…

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Brexit and Europe

The heat is on

Higher temperatures boost voter turnout and helps the incumbent party, finds study based on temperature, turnout and results in each US state for presidential elections between 1960 and 2016. Elections have long been studied by pollsters, pundits and others who…

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Los Angeles skyline with palm trees in the foreground

Blown away: wind affects voting decisions

Higher wind speed makes voters seek safety and the status quo, while low winds glide voters toward change and greater risk, says new study that analysed 100 years of US elections and the Brexit and Scotland votes in Britain. Wind-tossed…

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windiness on election day affects voting

Will AV be less ‘fair’ for the ‘sophisticated’ UK voters?

New research shows that 'sophisticated tactical' voting cost the Conservatives their UK General Election victory in 2010 - so will AV be any fairer when tactical voting is more difficult? A new research paper by Dr Lionel Page, Associate in…

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Dr Lionel Page