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Women in Law

Law firms need to brace themselves for challenging times ahead. This is the how.

The next 10 years will be pivotal for the legal sector. With increased competition, disruptive technology and greater uncertainty following the shockwaves of Brexit and the Trump presidency; the sector is facing a myriad of challenges and opportunities. It will…

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A clear and straightforward guide for those looking to shore up their teams

Good counsel. Work out how to make your general counsel happy – and keep her that way.

The GC role is expanding. Keeping them happy is all about understanding their world. She hires your firm, but she could just as easily move on to someone else. And in the interim – while she is focused on her…

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Social media: law’s new frontier

Author of Social Media & the Law, Laura Scaife explains why technology is not a law-free zone. From her CV, it's hard to believe that Laura Scaife, self-labelled "data privacy, cyber and social media specialist", is only 28. Author of…

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Law sans frontières: the future

For law firms, the focus has shifted to how, rather than where, the best work can be done. Law is undergoing the greatest geographic shift in perhaps the last 30 years. Business that used to be conducted in London or…

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Women lawyers will change the world

Antonia Croke, senior associate at Ashurst LLP, argues that culture change is possible. I wholeheartedly believe in diversity. I had a mother who worked and a grandmother who firmly believed in educating women, and I believe that if you give…

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Antonia Croke

Want flexible hours? Clients are key

Some new firms are finding ways to ensure that a lawyer's professional life leaves room for their personal life. Flux finds out how lawyers, and their clients, have to adapt to flexible working. A few years back, Washington-based lawyer Maria…

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A lot of lawyers can draft a legal agreement. What will YOU do to demonstrate value?

Claire Clarke is managing partner of Mills & Reeve. Her vision for 2016 is to "take things up a gear". The legal sector is facing distinct challenges – not least, changing technology, increasing commoditisation and new entrants to the market.…

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Claire Clarke

Manifesto for change

The business case for diversity is unassailable, but now is the time for actions to speak louder than words. Why are there so few women at the top of the legal profession? Just one in five partners in top-20 firms…

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A world in flux

Dame Sandra Dawson, Professor Emeritus of Management Studies at the University of Cambridge Law and lawyers are on the move. From nomadic lawyering to outsourcing, and from northshoring to the much anticipated demise of billable hours, the next ten years…

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Sandra Dawson

Women in law – 2016 is the year it is going to change. Here’s why.

Law, and lawyers, are on the move. From nomadic lawyering to outsourcing, and from north shoring to the much anticipated death of billable hours, the next 10 years will see huge change – and opportunity – for firms and practitioners.…

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Flux magazine