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Careers outcomes for Cambridge MBA class of 2015/16

Highest switch rate to date confirms Cambridge is the place to seek career change.

Cambridge MBA classThe latest Cambridge MBA employment report, just published, has revealed that 98 per cent of job seekers from the 2015/6 class made a switch of either country, job function or industry sector in their post-MBA employment, demonstrating the transformative effect the Cambridge MBA has on its graduates.

In addition, 92 per cent of job seekers received job offers three months out, with this number increasing to 95.6 percent after four months.

The annual report details the outcomes of the graduating MBA class of 2015/16, who are now employed across 26 different countries respectively. The profile of the class surveyed featured 136 students of 40 nationalities, 38 per cent of which are women.

This year, 65 per cent of job seekers have chosen to pursue post-MBA careers within industry, with a considerable proportion working in internet/ecommerce and technology. 10 per cent have gone on to work in finance and 25 per cent to consultancy. Top global employers of the class post-MBA include: Amazon, Google, McKinsey & Company, Uber, and Boston Consulting Group.

As part of the Cambridge MBA, students undertake a career development programme alongside their studies, during which they work closely with the MBA Careers team to create a personalised plan based on career aspirations. The programme includes practical workshops, individual advisory and coaching, and recruitment and networking events with employers.

Conrad Chua

Conrad Chua

Conrad Chua, Head of Admissions and Careers for the Cambridge MBA, says:

“92 per cent of job seekers from the surveyed class received job offers within three months of completing their studies. This is an impressive figure if you consider that this three month period covers the Christmas and New Year holidays when companies typically put recruitment plans on hold.

“Our top five recruiters this year are all either consulting or technology firms, reflecting the evolving interests of our MBAs. We’re proud of the achievements of the MBA 2015 class, and we wish them success in their future careers.”

Canadian alumna Portia Asli formerly worked for one of Canada’s largest engineering companies. She wanted to switch industry, location and function.

“I am very happy that I made the ‘triple jump’. Every day, I use my talents to drive innovation in a niche technology market, developing assistive technologies for people with visual impairment”

Sean Heisler, a former Project Manager for a housing developer, now works within business operations for a tech company in San Francisco:

“Doing the Cambridge MBA was my first step to a more global perspective and helped me decide that a role in operations was a pathway I wanted to take.”