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Eurasia Review: US Russia sanctions could have negative impact on EU energy security

Dr Chi Kong Chyong, Research Associate and Director of Energy Policy Research Group (EPRG) at Cambridge Judge Business School, comments on the US’s Russia sanctions and what impact these could have on energy security in Europe. “There is no single…

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Finding the energy – Cambridge MBAs find opportunity in low carbon

Fossil fuels may still dominate the energy landscape but all the evidence is that their dirty, malodorous days are numbered. With around half of global R&D in the sector now devoted to developing low carbon alternatives like solar and wind…

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A View of Wind Turbines and Solar Panels

Brexit and energy

Britain can play the role of an innovative 'California' in addressing European energy policy issues post-Brexit, says Professor Michael Pollitt of Cambridge Judge Business School. Brexit could lead to the UK playing the role of an inventive "California" within Europe…

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European Union and British Union flag flying

Business Green: Hard exit from EU emissions trading could damage global climate action

Michael Pollitt, Professor of Business Economics at Cambridge Judge Business School, discusses how a 'hard exit' from EU emissions trading could damage global climate action: "If we are serious about being a global leader on climate, and if Europe is…

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What Leicester can teach us about innovations in energy

Leicester's commitment to a local energy policy shows it takes more than good intentions to get results, and that challenges lie ahead. "Dilly ding, dilly dong," famously sang Claudio Ranieri, the Leicester City manager, as his football team became champions…

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Innovation lightbulbs

Cambridge Business Magazine: How to save £8bn a year

A recently published report “Smart power” suggests that the UK could save up to £8 billion a year by using electricity more efficiently through various measures. The report was supported by a recent study co-authored by Michael Pollitt, Professor of…

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How the “electric fairy” Clara Lejeune-Gaymard helped transform General Electric

Clara Lejeune-Gaymard, has, she says, had enough of "French-bashing", the common complaint certain sections of the French population have against the rest of the world. But the woman the respected French business newspaper Libération dubs the "electric fairy" has also…

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This is why everyone needs to care about Chinese nuclear power in the UK

As Dr Simon Taylor prepares to lead a webinar on China's involvement in British nuclear power, what are the key questions you should be asking? The agreement to begin work on new nuclear power station at Hinkley Point C was…

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‘Good’ energy policy

In his inaugural lecture, Michael Pollitt outlines the social limits to technology solutions to energy and climate problems. Finding a "good" energy policy is devilishly difficult owing to the many social and logistical barriers to achieving the right solution, Professor…

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The value of climate change research

Better information on global temperature rise due to greenhouse gases could be worth $10 trillion, says new study from University of Cambridge Judge Business School published by the Royal Society. Responding to critics of the value of climate-change research, a…

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